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Progressive Majority WA PAC – How We Support Our Candidates

Endorsement and support by Progressive Majority WA PAC (PMWA PAC) is the crowning achievement for farm team members we have worked to recruit, train and develop in the years prior to their run for office!

New this year: we are extending our PAC endorsement to also include great progressive champions running for office or seeking re-election who did not come through our farm team program. Why? Because they are fighting for progressive change and helping to move us closer to progressive majorities in our State Legislature, local municipalities and other elected bodies in Washington state. And we want to recognize their great service!


What Our Endorsement Represents

The candidates endorsed by PMWA PAC are champions for economic justice, civil rights, healthcare for all, strong public education, environmental conservation and protection, as well as reproductive freedom by Washington State standards. Here in Washington we are proud to be a leader state. Whether it’s extending the right to marry to LGBTQ families, reforming the justice system by legalizing recreational marijuana or having the highest minimum wage of any state in the nation (and now any city with $15 minimum wage in Seattle!), we take pride in setting the bar high and taking the lead.

Not only our these candidates good on the issues, they are also running strong, professional, viable campaigns.

Seeking Our Endorsement

If you would like to seek Progressive Majority WA PAC’s endorsement, please email us at [email protected].

Support PMWA PAC

To donate to the PAC to support progressive candidates running for office this year, please click here. Support us today to help elect the next wave of progressive champions to office in 2014 and beyond!

History and Structure

Our team has operated in Washington State since 2004. From 2004-2012 that was as a program of Progressive Majority. In 2013, we became a locally controlled organization called Progressive Majority Washington, and at that timeand still todayall candidate endorsements, support and contributions are handled through our political action committee, Progressive Majority WA PAC. We will help to elect progressive champions to public office by supporting their campaigns with in-kind and monetary contributions.

Here’s a look at elected officials in Washington State endorsed in the past by our national affiliate, Progressive Majority who have not yet had the opportunity to seek endorsement in their re-election campaigns from Progressive Majority Washington PAC.

Current Elected Officials*
Angelica Alvarez, Highline School Board
Bruce Bassett, Mercer Island City Council
Annette Cleveland, State Senator, District 49 (Vancouver)
Jeannie Darneille, State Senator, District 27 (Tacoma)
Rebecca Francik, Pasco City Council
Karen Fraser, State Senator, District 22 (Olympia)
Jeff Gadman, Lacey City Council
Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commission
Rob Gelder, Kitsap County Commission
Bob Hasegawa, State Senator, District 11 (Seattle)
Cathy Lehman, Bellingham City Council
Pam LeSesne, Everett School Board
Rosemary McAuliffe, State Senator, District, Pos. 1 (Bothell)
Joe McDermott, King County Council
Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Council
Amy Ockerlander, Duvall City Council
Steven Oliver, Whatcom County Treasurer
Helen Price Johnson, Island County Commission
Suzanne Quigley, Lake Stevens City Council
Kevin Ranker, State Senator, District 40 (Friday Harbor)
Christine Rolfes, State Senator, District 23 (Bainbridge Island)
Sandra Romero, Thurston County Commission
Michelle Sandoval, Port Townsend City Council
Joshua Schaer, Issaquah City Council
John Stokes, Bellevue City Council
Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President
Brian Sullivan, Snohomish County Council
Shauna Willner, Snohomish Fire District # 7 Commission
Yoshie Wong, Steilacoom School Board
Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Council
Roger Zabinski, Bremerton Port Commission
*Additional individuals were previously endorsed and supported by Progressive Majority but did not receive an endorsement when up for re-election.

Former Elected Officials*
Elizabeth Albertson, Kent City Council
Brian Bennett, Burien City Council
Lisa Brown, Senate Majority Leader, District 3 (Spokane)
Laurie Ann Carter, Bonney Lake City Council
Jeff Davis, Olympia Port Commission
John Dean, Island County Commission
Mary Lou Dickerson, State Representative, District 36, Pos. 2 (Seattle)
John Driscoll, State Representative, District 6, Pos. 2 (Spokane)
Eric Faison, Federal Way City Council
Hilary Franz, Bainbridge Island City Council
Don Gargas, Yakima City Council
Mike Grady, Mercer Island City Council
Phyllis Gutierrez-Kenney, State Representative, District 46, Pos. 2 (Seattle)
Nick Harper, State Senator, District 38 (Everett)
Tom Hodgson, Kirkland City Council
Rob Holland, Seattle Port Commission
Claudia Kauffman, State Senator, District 47 (Kent)
Bob Kelly, Whatcom County Commission
Peggy Levesque, Mayor of South Prairie
Chris Marr, State Senator, District 6 (Spokane)
Maren Norton, Shoreline School Board
Eric Oemig, State Senator, District 45 (Kirkland)
Ed Pacheco, Yakima School Board
Barry Peters, Bainbridge Island City Council
Cindy Poysnick, Puyallup School Board
Craig Pridemore, State Senator, District 49 (Vancouver)
Phil Rockefeller, State Senator, District 23 (Bainbridge Island)
Richard Rush, Spokane City Council
Sili Savusa, Highline School Board
Terry Scott, Shoreline City Council
Geoff Simpson, State Representative, District 47, Pos. 1 (Covington)
Ron Sims, King County Executive
Bud Sizemore, Covington City Council
Steve Stuart, Clark County Commission
Deb Wallace, State Representative, District 17, Pos. 2 (Vancouver)
Janet Way, Shoreline City Council
Brian Weinstein, State Senator, District 41 (Mercer Island)
*Additional individuals were previously endorsed and supported by Progressive Majority but were not in good standing when they left their last public office.