5 Lifestyle Habits to Reduce the Risk of Peripheral Nerve Damage

Peripheral Nerve Damage

Your peripheral nerves are crucial in collecting signals from different parts of your body to the spine and later to the brain for interpretation. Therefore, you should adopt lifestyle habits that do not compromise the wellness of the peripheral nerve system. However, suppose you encounter damage in your peripheral nerves due to uncontrollable nerve compression and other health conditions. In that case, you should not worry since peripheral nerve surgery San Bernardino has a remedy for you. Here are 5 lifestyle habits that can help to reduce the risk of peripheral nerve damage.

Physical Activities

Physical exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining the wellness of the nervous system. Through the exercises, you boost the muscles’ compression and expansion, which helps reduce the chances of developing neuropathy symptoms. Therefore, you should make physical activities to be part of your plan for your life. Conduct different exercises for your body to reap the benefits of diversity fully.

Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the triggers of peripheral nerve complications. With a high sugar level in your bloodstream, you are more likely to develop neuropathy due to the damage to the capillaries supplying the oxygen-rich blood in the nervous system. Therefore, you should check your diet to avoid sugar spikes. Eat a fiber-rich diet, such as vegetables, to effectively manage your blood sugar levels.

Conduct the Relaxation Techniques

Stress can worsen the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. The stressful circumstances usually increase tension on nerves undermining their wellness. Therefore, managing your stress to stay in tune with your peripheral nervous system is good. Conduct relaxation practices such as meditation and yoga to ease your deep thoughts.

Stop Smoking

Smoking usually comes with many adverse effects on your body, some of which impact your nervous system. For example, the nicotine components cause the narrowing of the blood vessels supplying oxygen and nutrients to your nervous system. Therefore you should quit this habit if you are a smoker to boost your blood flow and ensure that your peripheral blood vessels are healthier.

Increase the Intake of Vitamins

Vitamin plays a crucial role when it comes to maintaining the wellness of your nervous system. The vitamins help to prevent inflammation in the coverings of the nerves, thus reducing the chances of nerve complications. Eat meals rich in vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, to boost your nervous system’s wellness. Talk with your healthcare provider about the necessary supplements if you cannot get enough vitamins from your diet.
Your nerves are crucial in transmitting and monitoring sensations in different body parts. Therefore you should embrace the above tips to ensure your nervous system is healthy. However, if you experience damage in your peripheral nervous system, you should seek a reliable solution. Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS, and a team of experienced professionals conduct peripheral nerve surgery for patients struggling with nerve damage symptoms. Book an online appointment and visit their office in Newport Beach to receive quality services.

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