7 Benefits of Monalisa Touch Treatment


The changes that occur after childbirth or during menopause may cause vaginal laxity, unsatisfactory intercourse, a lack of sensation, dryness, burning, and itching. You don’t have to put up with these purported “natural indicators of aging” any longer. Fortunately, Mina K. Sinacori, MD, MPH, FACOG uses Monalisa Touch® New York may improve your vaginal health and relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Here are the benefits of MonaLisa touch:

1.      There is no down time

The MonaLisa treatment does not include surgery and has little to no recovery. After treatment, you can resume your typical day or work routine. However, you must abstain from sexual activity or vaginal contact for five days after the treatment is advised as downtime.

2.      It treats vaginal atrophy

The symptoms of vaginal atrophy, also known as atrophic vaginitis, include vaginal dryness, itching, painful erections, and a burning feeling. Some individuals experience UTIs, incontinence, and other extra symptoms. Vaginal atrophy results from decreased estrogen levels.

MonaLisa Touch can effectively treat Vaginal atrophy. The laser radiation makes the delicate vaginal tissues more resilient and stretchy.

3.  Controls urinary continence during menopause

The body generates less estrogen during premenopause, and women have specific early menopausal symptoms. Some women experience an uncontrollable leaking of a few droplets of urine while coughing or laughing; urinary incontinence is the condition at hand.

MonaLisa Touch helps to strengthen urogenital structures. The urethral region’s fragile tissues get greater hydration, strengthening, and nutrition. The procedure can resolve incontinence and lower the risk of urine and vaginal infections.

4.      Improves your general wellbeing

MonaLisa treatment offers many benefits over other modern therapies since it relies on your body’s natural ability to regenerate cells rather than using additional dangerous medicines. It could have a significant, advantageous effect on your gynecologic health. This enhances the general quality of your life before and after menopause.

5.      Improves a woman’s self-esteem

Aging and pregnancy can make the vagina might become looser and less functional. Lack of sensation might undermine women’s confidence and harm their romantic connection.

MonaLisa treatment improves collagen production, making your vagina tighter. Tighter, thicker, and more toned tissues develop in the vagina and vulvar areas. As a result, Women feel more sensation and improved lubrication. You and your hubby may have more sexual satisfaction thanks to MonaLisa Touch.

6.  Treats symptoms in cancer patients

MonaLisa Touch is a Hormone-free therapy. Therefore, all cancer survivors can use it safely and suitably because of this. Chemotherapy can cause women to enter early menopause. Cancer survivors who experience menopausal symptoms might utilize MonaLisa Touch. It is widely accepted as an efficient method of assisting breast cancer survivors with hormone difficulties and women who have received pelvic radiation.

7.      Enhances your sexual life

MonaLisa Touch is a fantastic approach to enhance your sexual wellbeing if vaginal dryness, irritation, or discomfort during sex interferes with your sexual life. Your doctor will complete in-office MonaLisa Touch treatment in a short amount of time. In addition, the procedure is painless and is said to boost libido as well.

MonaLisa Touch helps to strengthen and restore vaginal health. Call Memorial Women’s Specialists, to book your appointment for a Monalisa touch treatment.

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