Common Women’s Health Concerns That OB/GYN Can Address


What comes to your mind when you hear about women’s health worries? Breast cancer may be the most obvious answer. However, women’s health is vulnerable to other mild to life-threatening complications such as reproductive concerns, depression, heart disease, and stroke. If you have any underlying symptoms of a health concern and are looking for treatment, Dr. Pamela Snook might be the solution. Learning more about the most common women’s health complications is crucial in helping you receive timely, appropriate treatment. The following are some common women’s health concerns that OB/GYN can address.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer typically occurs in the lining of a women’s milk duct but can spread to other body organs. Moreover, it is aggressive cancer interfering with many women’s wellbeing globally. The condition is more popular among women from developed countries because of their prolonged life spans. Most breast lumps are non-threatening, but women must seek medical checkups from an OB/GYN provider.

Diabetes and Obesity

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common problems affecting the American women population. Since obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, it is common for increased cases of obesity. Diabetes and obesity are dangerous as they increase the likelihood of heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke. Therefore, you should consult your OB/GYN regularly for extensive medical exams and treatment.


A significant number of women are likely to experience osteoporosis at some point. This disease is silent and starts for a long time before it develops. Therefore, the earlier you seek protection for your bones, the better. Women can aid in preventing osteoporosis by receiving sufficient vitamin D and calcium and participating in weight-bearing exercises to strengthen bones. If you need help, contact your OB/GYN specialist to know how to do these exercises effectively.


This condition affects almost all aspects of a woman’s life. Women’s mental health plays a critical role in their physical health. Unfortunately, more than half of the women population is likely to experience depression at some point in their lives. Therefore, looking for whole-patient care from a certified and skilled OBGYN specialist is important. The expert can help you with measures to control and manage depression by finding resources to minimize the risks.


Menopause is an inevitable condition that all women will have to deal with. The condition can be devastating because it causes hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and sleep complications. As a result, receiving timely and effective care is important in helping you go through the period. Your OB/GYN can help you understand various effective diets, exercise, and stress management techniques.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

UTIs originate when germs get into the urethra and begin to reproduce. They are mainly common in women because they have shorter urethra than men. The effect of the short urethra decreases the length bacteria will have to travel to reach the bladder. Some possible signs and symptoms include frequent urination, cloudy urine, and burning when urinating. Even though it may disappear on its own, an OB/GYN can assist you with effective antibiotics if necessary.

Most women’s health concerns can be embarrassing and worrying as they can negatively affect their overall wellbeing and daily undertaking. If you have health concerns, consider visiting Contemporary Women’s Care, located in Orlando, Florida. The center comprises teams of board-certified OB/GYN specialists who are determined to provide passionate treatment that you would not regret. To schedule an appointment with them, call their office or book online.

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