Creative drawing activities to improve your skills

Creative drawing activities

Drawing is an ancient art that has been around since the beginning of humanity. Drawing has been used to imprint into posterity happenings, religious beliefs, events, lifestyles, emotions and so much more.

From rock art to the beautiful paintings of the Sistine Chapel, drawing has been around for millennia and it’s been a way of communication through civilizations.

If you love drawing and want to get better at it, check out these valuable tips that can help you improve in this art.

Observe the human body from a different perspective

Many the masters such as DaVinci, Michelangelo and Caravaggio found a way of drawing and painting the human body as it had never been done before. They focused on every detail so much that it drew the world’s attention.

Observe every part of the human body and practice drawing it, while you’re learning you can focus each month on one area.

Eye drawing can be particularly difficult, especially if you really want to capture an emotion.

Start focusing on shades and lightning when you observe the world around you

Shades and lightning are a crucial part of drawing and painting. Caravvagio is known as the master of shades, creating a profound emotion in his painting by using shade and lightning in a mysterious way.

When you’re driving, hiking or just eating lunch, look at the world around you, the lighting, shadows and shades. Check how the lightning plays beautifully with the objects, and how the shades create depth, analyze it and take it with you as knowledge. When you get that pencil on paper, you can put into practice all the observations that you’ve done.

Practice depth in your paintings

What can truly make a drawing magical is creating depth, it helps make the drawing or painting feel like it’s a window into a different world. A drawing without depth lacks perspective.

Transmit an emotion, a thought, or an idea but transmit something

Drawing is more than a decoration for walls, is a form of communication and it breaks all boundaries of language and time, being able to make an interpretation or perceive an emotion regardless of how long ago the painting or drawing has been made. Thus, it is important to have the intention of transmitting a message through art.

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