How Your Body Can Benefit From IV Fusion Therapy

IV Fusion

You have probably heard about or even had IV infusion therapy. Many people report that the treatment lifts their mood, makes them feel energized, and nourishes their bodies with the necessary nutrients. Prime Medispa offers IV infusion therapy Danbury to dehydrated patients or those who need a boost in particular nutrients.

What you should know about IV infusion therapy

Also known as IV nutrition therapy, IV infusion therapy is standard in surgical settings and emergency rooms to administer medications directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Other forms of infusion therapy are subcutaneous, epidural, and intramuscular. Sometimes taking drugs orally can reduce their effectiveness due to the exposure to your digestive system. V infusion bypasses your digestive system, maintaining the medication’s effectiveness.

Your provider may also employ this technique in case the patient is unable to take medications orally. If you have ever been admitted to a hospital, your doctor probably attached an IV to your arm to deliver medicines and ensure that you remained hydrated. Your provider may provide medications via IV, including antifungals, antibiotics, chemotherapy, inotropic heart medications, and corticosteroids. Doctors also use this technique to boost patients’ nutrition levels.

Health conditions that require IV infusion therapy

Most types of cancer require chemotherapy. While doctors may administer some chemotherapies orally, many require an IV. Infusion therapy facilitates the administration of chemotherapy drugs directly into a patient’s bloodstream. It is also an alternative approach to needles that may be scary to some people. IV infusion therapy is not only for cancer patients; you can also benefit from this approach if you have chronic fatigue or need gastrointestinal support, cleansing, detox, brain support, or immune support. Some athletes go for IV infusion therapy before a major athletic event. You can also benefit from IV nutrition therapy if you have hangover symptoms. These sessions are not necessarily for sick people; you may not be ill but require nutrients through an IV.

IV nutrition therapy is painless

An IV is not painful, especially when working with the experienced team at Prime Medispa. If needles give you goosebumps, you can close your eyes or listen to music as Dr. Taweh attaches the IV to your arm. Many take advantage of this period to read their favorite book or relax. You can embark on your daily activities immediately after your session. Most patients report feeling energized, invigorated, and clear-headed after an IV nutrition therapy.

Risks associated with IV infusion therapy

An experienced doctor can insert an IV needle smoothly, but it can trick if you have small veins. Too many infusions can also result in scar tissue, leading to potential damage to your veins. Some of the risks of IV therapy you should be aware of include air embolism, infection, phlebitis, or collapsed veins. In some cases, the needle may move out of place, causing the medication to leak into the surrounding tissues, which can be harmful. New drugs can lead to adverse body reactions. Dr. Taweh may discuss the benefits and risks of IV infusion therapy before administering it.

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