Myths About Varicose Veins You May Have Believed In


Every individual values their skin. They regularly employ measures to ensure that their skin remains healthy. They moisturize their skin to prevent it from drying up. However, despite these efforts, the skin may have conditions beyond its control. For instance, some people have been suffering from spider veins. They usually affect the individual’s self-esteem because they are usually visible lines. Vein specialist Lakewood Ranch has been helping individuals suffering from this condition to attain full recovery. The following are the common myths about spider veins.  

They are Just Part of Old Age

Even though as the person ages, the risk of having spider veins increases, it is not the only factor. The main factor of veins conditions is hereditary. If your parents or grandparents had spider veins, there is a high chance you could suffer from this condition. Other factors that increase the risks of spider veins include gender, being an overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and having a history of leg trauma.

The Treatment is Extremely Painful

One factor that scares most patients is after hearing that the treatment process would be painful. Previously vein surgery referred to procedures such as litigations and vein stripping, which were extremely painful and took more recovery time. However, as we progress, modern treatments have minimal pain and less recovery time. You should, therefore, not fear going for the treatment.

They strictly affect Women

Another common myth that people believe is that spider veins only affect women. However, even though women are at a higher risk of suffering from the condition, the truth is that it can affect anyone. Approximately 45% of men would develop this condition before attaining 60 years. The main cause of this condition is the family history of the individual. Besides, the person’s lifestyle will also trigger the condition. If the person’s occupation requires them to stand for a long time, they will likely suffer.

The Surgery is the Only Treatment Option

Some people fear seeking treatment since they believe that they will be required to undergo surgery. However, over the years, the treatment process has taken huge steps since; currently, different minimally invasive procedures have maximum results in a short time. Most procedures are carried out in a clinic on an outpatient basis with the help of a local anesthetic. Besides, other minimally or non-invasive procedures have minimum pain.

The Treatment of Spider Veins is Cosmetic

 Some people believe that having spider veins is normal and will not require any treatment. However, this is not usually the case since the spider veins could be a sign of another problem that could be developing. If the underlying condition fails to be treated, it could worsen as time progresses.

Most people suffering from spider veins do not know where they can get quality treatment. Are you suffering from spider veins and looking for a facility you can trust? You are at the right place since Florida Lakes Vein Center is here to serve you. The facility has a team of specialists who diagnose your condition and offer you treatment that will make you smile. Visit the facility today and reclaim your attractive skin back.

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