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Online shopping sites

Online Shopping Sites have sprung up by the hundreds enabling netizens to purchase anything from tickets for concerts to grocery items for the month to digital products like music players, handy-cams and computers. Online Shopping Sites can either cater to niche segments like plus-sized clothing and diamond jewellery to general merchandise. These days one can find niche product selling websites for almost any type of product and some sell only digital products like music, movies and eBooks. In this article, we will list some of the most popular online shopping sites.


Amazon is the world’s biggest eTailer and one of the earliest to. offers great deals along with affordable shipping options. Amazon is available in countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Amazon also sells their flagship product Kindle which is an eBook reader. The site is also famous for offering steep discounts during the Holiday season (Christmas) and ThanksGiving. They have also made popular the internet deal days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon also offers a program for associates where registered associates can get a cut of the commissions when they refer someone who buys from the Amazon website.


eBay is another popular online shopping site; it offers a different type of approach to online shopping. eBay serves as a connecting point for buyers and sellers where items can be put up for auction by buyers and sellers can bid on them. Some of the items put up for sale also include a buy it now option. One can also buy or sell second-hand goods on eBay and also make money using affiliate programs.


H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB a shopping site primarily offering fashionable clothes and dresses for men, women, teens and kids. They have a worldwide presence and some of the countries they operate in are the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Sweden. They are a popular online destination for fashion shopping. This website also sells cosmetics online.


Tesco is a popular website in the United Kingdom for purchasing online, especially clothes. They also sell grocery and electrical items for the home, furniture, and baby and toddler products among others. Tesco also offers home delivery services.


Woolsworth is another online shopping site that is famous in the UK. Like Tesco, they also offer kids clothes, electricals, gifts & crafts and fancy dresses. They also sell regular stuff like movies, games, music and books.


ASDA is another UK-based shopping website famous for selling gifts, flowers and even financial services online.


Walmart also has an online presence in the USA apart from its physical stores. Though its online shopping site is not as famous as its physical counterpart, it is still a popular site.


Toysrus is the destination to go to if you are interested in buying toys online. You can get almost any type of toy under the sun on this website. Toysrus is one of the most visited shopping sites during the Christmas holidays and shopping season.


Zara is another famous fashion shopping site featuring some of the best dresses in the world of fashion. They sell T-Shirts, jackets, caps, sweatshirts and even Loungewear online.

Stein Mart

Stein Mart offers clothes, coupons and promotions and they also have an iPhone app for buying from their website. They also have membership and rewards programs.

Apart from the list given above, there are also regional online shopping sites which cater to other countries and niche types of products. Like where you can buy many products. You can also get amazing discounts by using coupons like norwex coupon code and the soapery discount code.

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