Save on Moving

Save on Moving

It is not going to be easy to find a reliable mover. It is worth to do a good research. Shop around to save money (up to $1000) and get rid of scams. Here are the tips to save more while choosing a moving company.

Seek Recommendations

Ask your coworkers, friends and real estate agents for recommendations. Find moving companies near you. Get realistic and detailed estimates from the local movers by walking in person or online. Don’t believe on estimates that are made without inspection. Don’t assume that famous companies offering expensive services are the best. Find a mover on your own and avoid scams related to these sites. Avoid relying on the brokerage services which look for a moving company.

Conduct Screening

When you create a list of “best movers near me“, start an initial background check. Visit the Better Business Bureau website or email or call the American Moving & Storage Association to find out if moving company has membership which has agreed to abide by the published tariffs of the organization and to take part in its arbitration program. Choose a mover that provides easy-to-read contracts that have clear and concise terms.

Select At Least 3-4 Companies for In-House Estimate

If you are making an interstate move, ask for the binding estimate in written or not-to-exceed estimate, if possible. Both estimates provide a guaranteed cover on what you are going to pay. Though non-binding estimates are considered legit, be ready to expect to pay more than the estimate, as warned by the Department of Transportation. You may want to pay for licensed insurance companies to protect your belongings.

Collect Estimates in a Bright Moving Folder

When you get estimates from multiple companies, collect them in a separate moving folder of bright color which is hard to lose. Keep it open in plain sight. When estimators approach you, it shows that you have done your research. So, they will be prepared to give you a more honest and competitive quote. Always ensure positive reviews when selecting movers.

Compare the Bids

After getting all the estimates, it’s time to compare their price. Avoid the companies that charge too low, no matter how tempting it seems. Check high bids and find out where extra costs are charged. Ask questions if you have doubt. If you have several bids from recognized companies, negotiate and get the best rate possible. They should work with you in pricing.

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