The Correct Time to Repair Your LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

An LCD monitor is a monitor that uses liquid crystal in its manufacture. Now we can safely say that this type of monitors is the only visual representation of information. Of course, monitors with a cathode-ray tube can still sometimes be found sometimes, but this is so rare that it may not be taken into account. This displacement and position of the leader are undoubtedly explained by the advantages of LCD monitors, among which one can distinguish thinness, occupying a small space, and also that, and this is the main thing, that the eyes do not get tired when working with them. In addition, do not forget about the variety of matrices.

But LCD monitors, like any other product, can break, because nothing is eternal in our life. You should not be very upset because of a breakdown, because you can eliminate the malfunction that has arisen in any company that repairs monitors. Malfunctions and breakdowns of LCD monitors are usually divided into several groups: problems with the inverter, with loops, matrix, backlight lamp, as well as a malfunction of the power supply itself.
Inverter problems. The main components of the inverter are the control board and the transformer. If the control board fails, the screen either does not turn on, or after a while it goes out. Depending on the breakdown, the board is either replaced or repaired. The fact that the transformer has failed is evidenced by a non-illuminating screen. Most often, the transformer is replaced with a new one.

Loop problems. If there is a loss of contacts or damage to the loops, the image is either significantly distorted or completely lost. If the LCD monitor does not work for this very reason, first check the loop contacts, and only then, if this does not help, replace it with a new one.

Matrix problems. The matrix, as you know, is the most expensive part and cannot be repaired, it is only replaced with a new one. Among the main signs of its damage are smudges and cracks on its surface.
Failure of the backlight lamp. This lamp, like others, has its own lifespan. Sooner or later, it begins to fade, and then completely burns out. They indicate problems with it, reducing the brightness of the screen, the appearance of a red tint in images. As one could understand, the lamp is being replaced with a new one.

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