The Significance of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners in Adult-Gerontology


It is common knowledge that the average life expectancy is on the rise, and so is the need for specialist care for geriatric patients. As people age, their healthcare requirements change, and a multidisciplinary, holistic care approach is required to enhance their life quality. Troy Taylor AGNP-C offers a range of services to older patients, ranging from adolescents to older persons in and around Georgia. During your consultation at Oasis Healthcare Service, Dr. Taylor will provide you with all the answers and necessary care you need for your specific concerns. Meanwhile, read on to learn more about Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners.

How Is Their Education?

All Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners are licensed and credentialed beyond the minimum requirements for registered nurses (RN). To operate, all nurse practitioners should obtain a master’s degree, and many obtain further postgraduate credentials and even doctorates. Throughout their careers, nurse practitioners retain and expand their knowledge of healthcare by regularly participating in continuing education workshops and courses.

Moreover, AGPCNPs must possess various abilities to be effective in this profession. Clinical abilities could differ based on the profession, but generally, NPs should have a keen eye for detail and good time management and communication skills. Also, considering that some patients require lifetime support, these doctors should exhibit good professionalism to alleviate stress and avoid burnout.

What Do They Do?

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (AGPCNP) are nurse practitioners who concentrate on geriatric care. AGPCNPs offer preventive, acute, and chronic care, partnering as necessary with specialty doctors and other medical professionals.

In addition to assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients, AGPCNPs often perform routine checks, evaluations, vaccines, and one-on-one health education and counseling. A huge portion of their day-to-day work focuses on patient education.

At Oasis Healthcare Service, Dr. Taylor works closely with patients to establish and implement disease prevention and healthy lifestyle strategies. Besides medications, these strategies frequently include exercise, physical therapy, and nutrition. Moreover, AGPCNPs will collaborate with the patient’s family to ensure that family members are well-informed and involved enough to help the patient.

Where do AGPCNPs Practice?

While state rules surrounding the scope of work for nurse practitioners differ, most jurisdictions permit Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners to establish a private practice where they treat patients in-office and/or offer home care. AGPCNPs could also practice for various organizations, including:

·       Assisted living and long-term care facilities

·       Nursing homes

·       Rehabilitation centers

·       Medical clinics

·       Correctional facilities and other settings providing primary care

What Patients Do They See?

Considering AGPCNPs deal with a diverse patient population, they have virtually limitless employment prospects. Based on their position, these practitioners might interact with adolescents to elderly folks. Similarly, AGPNCPs can specialize in specific age groups (seniors, 65 and older) or disorders (cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, etc.).

AGPCNPs can also specialize in women’s maternity health, oncology, endocrinology, neurology, and other subspecialties. Some practices include a co-management staff of Nurse Practitioners and physicians for the same patient. Ideally, NPs work with patients throughout their lifetime or handle a particular patient demographic to serve as the patient’s primary point of contact for health-related issues.

The growing senior population in the U.S. is increasing the need for health care overall. Nonetheless, no specialist is as well-equipped to fulfill the specific needs of geriatric patients as Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Troy Taylor will ensure that you and your family receive the specialist care you require at Oasis Healthcare Service. Call the Stone Mountain or Covington, GA, office or book an appointment online today.

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